Tubing and Fishing

    We have a great weekend of fishing and tubing planned. Whether you want to just tube a couple hours or if you want to tube 4 hrs. there is plenty to do. We will be hitting some of the best rapids on the Guadeloupe River. We have gone down the river in tubes before but we have never been through this section! If you want a preview to whitewater rafting in a downscaled venue on a tube.

    May Campout Flyer

  • April Lock In

    We are headed to Carrolton to Group Dynamix for a Team Building Lock-in, Ropes Course, Black Light Dodgeball, Laser Chase, GaGa Ball, Nine Square in the Air, Archery Tag, Human Foosball, table top and lawn games plus more! This will be an awesome Lock-in with a ton of fun activities. They will handle everything so you just need to show up and have fun!

  • Summer Camp Survey

    Summer Camp is a very important part of your Scouts journey. This is where they can learn independence, and leadership, and is just as important for the new Scouts as it is for older Scouts. This is where they can knock out rank advancements, merit badges as well as learn new skills like rock climbing, canoeing, swimming, horseback riding, shooting sports, and fishing, as well as well as learning decision making and responsibility. This is also the place where they will meet new friends and solidify friendships that they already have in the Troop. I have personally seen more changes come from Scouts that went to Summer Camp than anything else they do all year.

    We are polling to see the interest in a regular Summer Camp this year and where everyone would like to go. Even if you do not want to send your scout to Summer Camp please fill out the survey. We are also looking for parents that would be willing to help out with the Summer Camp and the planning.

    Please fill out the Survey Monkey by following the link below.




    The rules of the Egg Drop are as follows: 

    • The egg must be raw (this will be verified after the drop).

    • Packaging can be no bigger than 6” x 6” x 6”.

    • No parachutes, or other descent slowing devices, are allowed.

    • Nothing can be adhered to the egg shell (wrapped around, yes, but not physically attached with tape or glue).

    • No peanut butter is allowed, as some Scouts have a severe an allergy to it.

    • The egg should be placed in the packaging ON THE DAY of the drop, unless the entire package is placed in the refrigerator (we do not want spoiled eggs potentially breaking).

    • Scout must listen to the Adult Leadership instructions, and not run out to retrieve their package until instructed to do so.

    • Following the drop, Adult Leadership will open the package (carefully) for inspection.

    • All eggs and their container must be thrown away at the end of the station rotation, due to potential contamination of the package by a broken egg.  Please do send the egg in a package that you are not willing to part with.

  • March 2024 Canoeing and Northern Tier Shakedown Campout

    This weekend will be a lot of fun for everyone! We will be spending the day canoeing on Lake Texoma and honing our paddling skills. For those going to Northern Tier this weekend we will be practicing our paddling techniques and our portaging. This is the perfect opportunity to test your canoeing skills as well as learn some things in the process. We will have a short class on the parts of the canoes as well as go over the strokes needed.  

  • February Caprock Canyon Campout

    We are traveling North West to Caprock Canyon. There is a large herd of free-range buffalo and more hiking than we can do in a weekend. We haven’t been here in a couple of years and it will not disappoint no matter what we do! There is a bat cave, natural arch, slot canyons and some amazing views. We will camp the entire weekend at Caprock Canyon. The address for the camp is 850 Caprock Canyon Park Road, Quitaque, TX 79255 We will be staying at the LK009, LK008, LK007, and LK006 Campsites.


  • Winter Camp Campout

    Troop 1776 has a proud tradition of offering high quality merit badge classes and counseling at its annual Winter Camp.  This year we will offer 20  merit badges.  We will do four merit badge classes with four options during each session on Saturday and Sunday.  Scouts sleep in cabins and adults do the cooking.  Scouts may bring video games/tvs for this campout as well as cards/boardgames for their free time.

    Ice cream continues for movie night this year!