While the BSA’s primary means of fundraising is through Popcorns Sales via Trail’s End and Scout Camp Card Sales which Troop 1776 is actively involved, we also have added an annual mulch to help Scouts raise the money necessary for Winter Camp, Summer Camp, High Adventure Treks, and Jamboree trips.  

Details on our active fundraiser are found in our announcements.

Annual BSA Popcorn Sale

Scoutings largest fundraiser – this fundraiser generally starts in September and is complete by November.    The program is designed to benefit the council, troop, and scouts accounts.  For our troop the profit from the first $140 is sales goes to the troop.   This is the minimu amount required to be sold.     The scout will then receive 28% of any sales over that amount in his scout account.

Annual Troop Mulch Sale

This is the first major fundraiser of the year and is designed to help fund the troop’s ongoing operations through the year.   This fundraiser generally starts on February 1st and finishes with the delivery of mulch to the customer home on Saturady morning – general the last Saturday in February or First Saturday in March.   100% of the mulch fundraiser net proceeds go to the troop.  If a boy volunteers to help spread mulch at a customer site he may keep any proceeds he receives from that work in his scout account.

Annual BSA Camp Card Sale

This fundraiser generally starts in March and ends in May.   Scouts sell discount cards typically for $5 a piece.    $2.50 from each sales goes to the council and the other $2.50 is kept by the boy in his scout account.   This is a very easy way for a boy to generate funds.