What is Scouting’s Jamboree?

BSA’s National Jamboree

The BSA National Jamboree website explains it the best: “What is the national jamboree? Imagine 50,000 Scouts, Venturers, volunteers, and staff from all over the country, all gathered together for one big celebration of Scouting. Held once every four years, the national jamboree is a chance to camp out with friends, meet new friends, try high-adventure activities, learn new skills, and enjoy the outdoors. Over 10 days, there are exhibits, stadium shows with entertainment, opportunities to work on merit badges — there’s something for everybody.

Wikipedia’s National Jamboree overview.  This is a great resource of both historical and current information.

There are requirements that must be met to be considered for application.

Upcoming Scout Jamborees

It is time to get signed up for the Jamboree.  Leaders will be selected in the March/April time frame so anyone interested in serving as a leader needs to sign up for the Jamboree and apply for a leadership position.  If you intend to apply for a leadership position, please let me know and let Mikel White know.  Mikel is our former Scoutmaster and is in charge of the Circle Ten Jamboree contingent, his presentation for the event is here.

We sent around 50 Scouts to the last Jamboree and many of them got up at the past Winter Camp and told all of our younger Scouts about how fun the Jamboree is.  Our Troop has always believed that the Jamboree is one of the best experiences that any Scout can have.  We want to see all of our Scouts attend a Jamboree.  It is an experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

There are two trip options for the Jamboree.  One of them costs $3400 for 14 days and includes three days in New York and Washington DC prior to the Jamboree and a partial day in DC after the Jamboree.  One of them costs $2900 for 11 days and includes one day in Washington DC prior to the Jamboree and a partial day in DC after the Jamboree.  All meals, travel, and lodging are included for this price.  Scouts will get a jamboree duffel for their belongings.  Tents, cookware, etc. are waiting at the Jamboree when we arrive.  Those doing the first option will fly to New York, spend one night in New York, then travel by bus to Washington DC with the possibility of a stop on the way.  For example, in 2017, we stopped at Fort McHenry on the way to DC and ate in Baltimore.

If anyone needs help with the cost of this trip, there is some scholarship money available.  But it will be decided upon this April.  Thus, to get scholarship money, you must be registered for the Jamboree by April.  All those interested in attending will need to register at both the national and council links below:

National Registration site

Council Registration site

Past Jamborees

We have had tons of fun attending and participating in past Jamborees and have gone to both National and World Jamborees.  

We documented one particular notable event at our participation in the National Jamboree of 2010, check it out here!