As new Scouts enter the troop both the Scout and parents usually have lots of questions and even concerns over what to expect when joining the troop. Below is a brief list of some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that should be helpful, giving a good baseline of understanding so that the Scout and the parents get the best that Troop 1776 has to offer.

1. When and where does the Troop meet? Answer

2. What does it cost to join the troop? Answer

3. What are the requirements to join the troop? Answer

4. What is different about Troop 1776 than other troops in the area? Answer

5. Who is the leader of the troop? Answer

6. Do I need to purchase a uniform, if so, where do I get one? Answer

7. How do I know where to put the scout patches on the shirt? Answer

8. Who can I contact for sewing needs? Answer

9. Does the troop have a donated collection of uniforms I could look at? Answer

10. Are parents allowed to join the troop? Answer

11. How does a troop work? Answer

12. How does rank advancement work with the troop? Answer

13. How do merit badges work? Answer

14. When my son does make a rank advancement or earn a MB, will I be able to see him get the award? Answer

15. As a parent, if I want to volunteer, what should I do? Answer

16. If I want volunteer as a CM and have paid my membership fee, is there anything else required of me? Answer

17. Do I need to buy camping gear for my son? Answer

18. Who supplies the food on the campouts? Answer

19. My son has special medical needs, is there someone that can administer his medicine on campouts? Answer

20. Where can I find my BSA ID? Answer

21. Does the troop have a lost and found? Answer

Where does the Troop meet?

Troop 1776 meets at the Canyon Creek Presbyterian Church on North Star just north of Renner with Troop Meetings the first two Sundays of the month at 3:30pm. Exceptions to meeting times and dates will be listed on the calendar.

See: About Us for more information.

What does it cost to join the troop?

The enrollment cost and associated breakdown is outlinied in the Cost section on the Join Troop 1776 page.

What are the requirements to join the troop?

Reference the Registration details on the Join Troop 1776.

What is different about Troop 1776 than other troops in the area?

Troop 1776 prides itself in being a High Adventure troop with recent trips to Valley Forge for the BSA’s Pilgrimage and Encampment trip, Florida where we sailed a 40 ft off the coast, and Colorado where we had a great white water rafting trip, just to name of few!  See our High Adventure page for more details about the different types of treks and links to active treks being planned.

Who is the leader of the troop?

Troop 1776 is a boy lead troop, meaning the adults are there to add support and guidance but the troop itself is lead by the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL). The SPL is elected by all the Scouts in the troop and works closely with an adult leader called the Scoutmaster (SM) as well as other Assistant Scoutmaster’s (ASM’s) to develop programs for the weekly troop meetings as well as planning for monthly campouts.  You can meet them here: Our Troop Leaders.

Do I need to purchase a uniform, if so, where do I get one?

Yes, each Scout is required to wear a full dress Boy Scout uniform (Field Uniform / Class A) to all Sunday Scout meetings as well as traveling to and from campouts. Uniforms can be purchased at four convenient locations in the metroplex, see link for locations – Circle Ten shops.

Reference Uniform Requirements for more details.

Class B uniforms are a part of your son’s initial regisration fees.  You will receive a Troop 1776 Tshirt, Troop 1776 hat, and the following Class A uniform pieces: Troop 1776 patch, shoulder straps (‘epaulettes’), and a Quality Unit patch.  

The Troop patch, shoulder straps, and class B uniforms can be purchased again at anytime through our website’s Financial section.  If you need to contact the uniform coordinator, please email: uniformsales@troop1776tx.org.

If adults would like to purchase any of these items, you too can purchase them online as mentioned above.

How do I know where to put the scout patches on the shirt?

Reference the BSA’s insignia guide for patch identification, location and placement.

Who can I contact for sewing needs?

There are many parents, especially new parents, that struggle with patch placement on the boys uniforms.  While the BSA’s insignia guide shows where the patches go, there tends to still be questions on placement. Also, each time your scout gets a rank advancement or merit badge, its finding the time to sew or iron on the patches. Our own Angela Hoskins is currently sewing patches on for two other troops and has offered her services to Troop 1776 as well. This is strictly your choice on whether you want to use her services but wanted to let everyone know she is offering. She will sew on rank advancement patches for free of charge, other patches including merit badges for a nominal fee.

Contact Angela at scoutcloset@gmail.com to make arrangements.

Does the troop have a donated collection of uniforms I could look at?

Yes, visit our troop Uniform Closet for more details.

Are parents allowed to join the troop?

Yes, at least one parent is encouraged to join the troop. Parents who participate in the troop give the Scout the best opportunity to develop and grow as a Scout. Parent’s participation gives both the parent and the scout the best chance to recognize the benefits of Scouting as well as support for rank advancement with the ultimate goal of achieving Scouting’s highest rank of Eagle Scout. Parents can enter the troop as a Committee Member (CM) with the some often going on to become an Assistant Scoutmaster (ASM) with some additional required training.

Reference Join Troop 1776 for further details.

How does a troop work?

There is an SPL (Senior Patrol Leader) and an Assistant SPL (ASPL) who work with Patrols. Patrols are generally made up of 8 or so boys who elect a Patrol Leader (PL) who reports to the SPL.

How does rank advancement work with the troop?

It is recommended that the Scout buy a Scout Handbook soon after joining the troop. The Scout Handbook describes in great detail all aspects of Scouting, including rank advancement.

For troop programs and rank advancement, scouts work with the Scoutmaster (SM) & Assistant Scoutmasters (ASMs). Once they have completed listed requirements for rank advancement, the scout goes to what’s called a Board of Review (BOR). The BOR is conducted by Committee Members (CM’s). BOR’s are to insure the basic levels of knowledge have been achieved for the rank advancement.

For incoming scouts, we have a Trail to First Class (TTFC) program with the goal of getting the new boys to the First Class rank within a years time frame.  The TTFC program assigns two ASMs and an active Scout known as a Troop Guide to help mentor the new boys along the way.

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How do merit badges work?

Each scout is required to do a certain number of Merit Badges (MB) to advance in rank. Consult the Boy Scout Handbook or MeritBadge.org for a break down of Merit Badges and Scout Ranks.

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Troop Members, reference the Advancements section for further information (also found in the main menu). 

When my son does make a rank advancement or earn a MB, will I be able to see him get the award?

Yes, Troop 1776 has Court of Honor (COH) ceremonies that everyone is invited to attend so that all can share in the Scouts success. These COH’s are held quarterly with the dates listed on the calendar of the troop website.

As a parent, if I want to volunteer, what should I do?

The troop recommends that you first start out as a Committee Member (CM). To become a CM you need to fill out a membership form plus pay a nominal membership fee. Soon after becoming a CM it is recommended that you take CM training that will better prepare you to help the troop. The Committee Chairman can recommend to you what training to take and where to take it.

Reference Join Troop 1776 for further details.

If I want volunteer as a Committee Member and have paid my membership fee, is there anything else required of me?

Yes, all adults are required to take Youth Protection Training. This is an on-line course that can be taking in about 30 minutes by signing up at myscouting.scouting.org. You will need your BSA membership number to sign up on-line which will be given to you once your membership application has been processed.

Reference Join Troop 1776 for further details.

Do I need to buy camping gear for my son?

Yes, before each campout a flyer is distributed at the troop meeting prior to the campout as well as posted on the website’s announcements found on the home page.  In the flyer will be a listing of recommend items that the Scout should bring to the campout. Troop 1776 supplies tents to all the Boy Scouts on the campouts (adults must bring their own) but items such a sleeping bags, mess kit, flashlight, and proper hiking shoes are recommend before attending the campout. It is not necessary to purchase a backpack before the first couple of campouts; a duffle bag will work quite well.

Reference our Camping page for more information.

Who supplies the food on the campouts?

The Patrol Leader (PL) will assign one or two scouts (called Grub Masters) in the patrol to be responsible for buying the food for the campout. The cost of the food will then be split by all members of the Patrol.  The money is due the patrol Grub Master when the campout starts.

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My son has special medical needs, is there someone that can administer his medicine on campouts?

Yes, we have adults trained in First Aid that can administer medication on campouts as long as the troop has been given specific instructions on how it is to administered.

Save the Medication Form spreadsheet template to your computer.  Fill it out, print it, and bring it along with the specified (and properly lablled) medications inside a large Ziplock bag labelled with your son’s name to the ASM in charge of the campout.  The ASM will give it to the adult in charge of medications for the campout.

Where can I find my BSA ID?

Your family BSA IDs can be found by navigating to ‘My Profile‘.  You should see each member in your family and their associated BSA IDs listed.  If you do not, read on.

Notes: If you have not ever registered with the BSA you will not have a BSA ID.  If you were not included in the latest recharter, it is possible that the BSA does not have your BSA ID on file.  Finally if you have had years where you were not registered with a BSA unit and have filled out a BSA registration form multiple times, it is likely that you have multiple BSA IDs.  In this later case, the Troop will only have one on file.  For training purposes it is best that you work with the District office to consolidate all of your records to the most recent BSA ID.

Once you have your BSA ID, please update your profile on myscouting.scouting.org so that your BSA ID is linked to your profile.  This will allow the Troop to easily look up your training and help eliminate future work for you!

If your BSA ID but should be, please contact our Scout Records Coordinator for further help.

Does the troop have a lost and found?

Yes, our Lost and Found is a collection of the pictures that you can peruse through prior to the next troop meeting where the items will be present.  Leaders will remove pictures of items claimed.