Field Uniform

Field uniform (sometimes called Class A uniforms) or full dress uniforms are required for all Sunday Scout meetings as well as traveling to and from campouts

Uniforms can be purchased at four convenient locations in the metroplex, see link for locations – Circle Ten shops.

The Field uniform consists of the normal green pants and tan Boy Scout uniform but with the red Troop 1776 hat instead of a neckerchief and slide.  The epaulets, Troop 1776 patch, and the Troop 1776 red hat can be purchased online.

Activity Uniform

Activity uniform (sometimes called Class B uniforms) are used on Campouts and High Adventure Treks.

The Actvity uniform is comprised of jeans, the dark blue Troop 1776 T-Shirt, and the red Troop 1776 hat.  The T-Shirt can be purchased online and picked up at the next Troop Meeting.