Meet our Scoutmaster

Scoutmaster John Stoker was born in Pasadena, CA and grew up in Huntington Beach. He was not active in scouting as a youth, but grew a strong appreciation and love for the outdoors through many family camping trips and an elementary school friend whose father led backpacking trips for the Sierra Club. In his late teens and through his late twenties, John joined the National Ski Patrol as a volunteer. It was during his years of volunteer work with the NSP that he was taught and practiced working in small patrols similar to scouting. This experience also provided a great classroom to learn and practice outdoor first aid and winter emergency care. John believes you should give your children enough to do something, but not so much they do nothing. He is a firm believer in the life lessons and practical skills that Scouting teaches. Our primary role as Scouting leaders and adults is to help our youth develop the skills and leadership traits to become successful adults and contributing citizens. John believes in hard work, strong ethics and servant leadership. He worked full time while completing both under graduate and graduate school. He moved to Texas in 1998 and currently works as an Assistant Controller in the oil and gas industry. John joined scouting in 2012 with his son Blake and has been highly involved ever since. During his time with Cub Scouts, he has held the positions of Assistant Den leader, Camping Coordinator, Assistant Cubmaster and two years as Cubmaster of Pack 2007.It was during his time in Cub Scouts that he completed the Wood Badge 120 course and received his beads before leaving the Pack. John joined Troop 1776 in 2018 as an Assistant Scoutmaster and began assisting with the Trail to First Class program (TTFC). He previously served as the TTFC coordinator and has taught numerous merit badge courses at winter camps.

John would like to continue Troop 1776’s legacy and high participation rate in jamborees and high adventure base trips. He has heard firsthand the impact these trips have on boys’ lives as well as stories from many fathers who participated in these types of trips as boys and how it has impacted them. In addition, he would strive to maintain being one of the area’s most active troops in terms of service projects, community service, and campouts that attract and retain scouts. Finally, in all decisions and planning, bringing out the best in our boys, leaders, and parents through troop, district and council training opportunities would always be John’s focus

Meet our Senior Patrol Leader

Hello, my name is Danny Frushour, I’m in the 11th grade at Memorial High School in Frisco, and I will be your Senior Patrol Leader for the next six months.

I first got involved in scouting when I joined the cub scouts in second grade, and I had such a great time that I continued on to boy scouts when the time came. I started at a local troop in Frisco where I spent the first 5 years of my scouting career and where I also decided that I wanted to earn every merit badge, a goal I’m still working hard to accomplish. Last February I was looking for a new troop to join and after finding about 1776, I was immediately drawn in by their organization, leadership, and high adventure activities and I joined after attending my first meeting. So far, I’ve had a wonderful experience with all the scouts and I’m very grateful for all that this troop has done for me in the past year, including being able to go to Philmont last summer and Sea Base and National Jamboree this summer. 

This will be a new experience for me and I look forward to being the best leader I can throughout my term as SPL. 

Meet our Committee Chair

 Hello, My name is Bryan Bartell and I serve as Troop 1776 Committee Chair.

My son Houston and I starting camping with Troop 1776 while in Cub Scouts beginning in the fall of 2018 and we were immediately drawn into Troop 1776’s Spirit of Adventure.  We officially joined Troop 1776 in early 2020, participated in Troop 1776 Winter Camp and immediately realized this is a BSA Troop that is very active with many engaged individuals from the youngest TTFC or Eagle Scout as well as many adult leaders. It was also at Winter Camp in which former Scoutmaster David Willie encouraged all of the new adult leaders to attend Wood Badge and encouragement continued from all of Troop 1776 adult leaders who were actively making personal sacrifices to enrich the lives and future of the Scouts of 1776.  

I have attended Wood Badge 133 in Aug of 2021 and while contributing time and effort to finalize the completion of this program I quickly realized the sacrifices of the adult leaders put many smiles on the faces of many young Scouts.I will continue to do my best within my time capacity to serve the Scouts and Adult members of Troop 1776. I will highly encourage all Adults to participate and sacrifice some level of their time contributing to the success of their Scout and Troop 1776.

Current and Former Scoutmasters

Adams, Patrick
Assistant Scoutmaster,
SM Emeritus (founder),
Circle Ten Executive
Joiner, Jeff
SM Emeritus
Stone, John
Assistant Scoutmaster,
SM Emeritus
Wendell, Donald
SM Emeritus
White, Mikel
Assistant Scoutmaster,
SM Emeritus
Wille, David
Assistant Scoutmaster,
SM Emeritus

Assistant Scoutmasters

Burdette, Ronnie             Asst Scoutmaster
Carter, Mark                    Asst Scoutmaster
Downey, Russell               Asst Scoutmaster
Downey, Ryan                  Asst Scoutmaster
Kelly, Ian                         Asst Scoutmaster
Killebrew, Brian                Asst Scoutmaster
Konkel, Randy                  Asst Scoutmaster
Maples, Ronald                Asst Scoutmaster
Mucha, Dan                    Asst Scoutmaster
Remack, Keith                 Asst Scoutmaster
Shull, Luke                      Asst Scoutmaster
Sullivan, Sean                  Asst Scoutmaster
Truong, Andy                   Asst Scoutmaster
Wendell, Bryan                Asst Scoutmaster
Baker, James                   Asst Scoutmaster, Equipment Coordinator

Chartered Org Rep 

Stewart, Chip

Executive Officer

Nancy Humphrey

Committee Members

Adam, Muneeb               Committee Member
Alexander, Basil               Committee Member
Bishop, Barrett                Committee Member
Bobo, Marvin                   Committee Member
David, David                    Committee Member
David, Mercedes             Committee Member
Edmiston, Devin              Committee Member
Frushour, Michael           Committee Member, Advancement Chair
Hadley, Eric                      Committee Member
Kasuganti, Harish            Committee Member
Kelley, Chris                     Committee Member
Kelly, Jamie                      Committee Member
Little, Mark                      Committee Member
Luo, Michael                    Committee Member
Martin, Chris                    Committee Member
McNeal, Barry                 Committee Member
McSimov, Troy                 Committee Member, Crew Advisor, Webmaster
McSimov, Tiffany             Committee Member, Treasurer
Mouden, Hugh                Committee Member
Mucha, Sandra                Committee Member
Phan, Tony                       Committee Member
Pitts, Corey                      Committee Member
Pitts, Michael                   Committee Member
Rai, Gyanendra                Committee Member
Reining, Gerald                Committee Member
Reisfield, Robin                Committee Member, Medical Coordinator
Shao, Harry                      Committee Member
Shull, Travis                      Committee Member
Smith, Paul                      Committee Member
Sullivan, Pam                   Committee Member
Wilson, Eric                      Committee Member
Winandy, Marc                Committee Member, Membership Chair