Our Eagle Scouts

“Since Arthur Eldred became the first Eagle Scout in 1912, the rank has represented a milestone of accomplishment—perhaps without equal—that is recognized across the country and even the world. Men who have earned the Eagle Scout rank count it among their most treasured possessions. “Eagle Scout” is not just an award; it is a state of being. Those who earned it as boys continue to earn it every day as men. That is why an Eagle Scout IS an Eagle Scout—not was.” – Scouting website

 Troop 1776 is proud to have witnessed the following boys take the journey to become men and earn this highly sought-after recognition.

168 Eagle Scouts and Counting…

#ScoutDate Achieved
168Kiran Sullivan10/26/2023
167Ryan Reisfield10/26/2023
166Collin McSimov9/11/2023
165Sean M.8/2/2023
164David David8/2/2023
163Danny F.8/2/2023
162Elton L.5/18/2023
161Connor Wilson5/18/2023
160Patrick Smith2/16/2023
159Blake S.12/4/2022
158Nathan Reining12/4/2022
157Anthony M.9/13/2022
156Brian W.9/13/2022
155Nicholas R.9/11/2022
154John Bein6/13/2022
153Roman P.6/13/2022
152Bryce B.6/13/2022
151Peyton M.4/3/2022
150Matthew Little4/3/2022
149Nathanael Kelley3/2/2022
148Shikhar R.3/2/2022
147Jacob Neiman12/15/2021
146Taiki S.12/15/2021
145Chad M.8/22/2021
144Ian Kelly8/17/2021
143Reed H.8/17/2021
142Cole Christner6/10/2021
141Jett B.5/15/2021
140Ronnie Maples2/21/2021
139Erich Futrell12/1/2020
138Brady Ligon10/28/2020
137Arik Rodda10/28/2020
136Tulio S.9/17/2020
135Praneeth Boddu9/17/2020
134Andrew Remack8/11/2020
133Luke S.8/11/2020
132Nathan Ellsworth11/21/2019
131Ryan H.11/21/2019
130Julian D.11/19/2019
129John Stewart11/19/2019
128Rushaan M.4/8/2019
127Harsha Koritala4/8/2019
126Prerak Khandelwal2/18/2019
125Mark W.9/5/2018
124Andrew Guerra7/25/2018
123Nathan Black7/25/2018
122Jacob Bommersbach4/25/2018
121Rickie W.3/7/2018
120Drew Freising1/31/2018
119Akhil Saxena1/31/2018
118Nick Teachenor1/26/2018
117Shravan Boppana10/16/2017
116Drew Knight6/14/2017
115Brian Winikka6/14/2017
114Andy Troung5/10/2017
113Aryan Jain5/10/2017
112Dylan Pierce5/3/2017
111Marcus Russell5/3/2017
110Daniel Fisher3/23/2017
109Bradley Davis3/23/2017
108Jacob Robinson8/16/2016
107Angel Gonzalez8/16/2016
106Jordan Smith8/15/2016
105Andrew Clapp8/15/2016
104Jeffrey Liu4/12/2016
103Spencer Humphrey4/12/2016
102Jared White4/11/2016
101Trevor Joiner4/11/2016
100Ryan Downey11/30/2015
99Ryan Cramer11/30/2015
98Andrew Carter11/23/2015
97Michael Lee11/23/2015
96Matthew Zhao9/10/2015
95Eric Perez7/9/2015
94Will Russell5/14/2015
93Colin Engbrock1/22/2015
92Esteban Rodriguez9/29/2014
91Connor Hoskins9/29/2014
90Justin Robbins9/29/2014
89Jacob Robbins8/21/2014
88Kyle Richard8/21/2014
87Jimmy Richard8/21/2014
86Kerry Joiner6/17/2014
85Alec McVicker1/15/2014
84Andrew Dawson12/22/2013
83Nathan Wille12/22/2013
82Max Dooley12/22/2013
81Hunter Joiner12/19/2013
80Spencer Walters12/19/2013
79David Bommersbach11/9/2013
78Jeff Bell11/8/2013
77Shourya Koumar11/7/2013
76Connor Molina10/3/2013
75Camden Droge8/1/2013
74Tyler Pierce7/31/2013
73David Watson7/30/2013
72Brian Howle4/10/2013
71Brandon Chandler4/10/2013
70Morgan Dooley12/27/2012
69Lorenzo Alba12/27/2012
68Bricen Gibbons9/6/2012
67Aakash Baravadia8/2/2012
66Erick Gonzalez8/2/2012
65Jake Nielson6/7/2012
64Kendall Joiner6/7/2012
63Tristan Carpenter2/13/2012
62Zach Carney11/7/2011
61Trey Carney11/7/2011
60Tim Sietz10/18/2011
59Daniel Smeraldo10/18/2011
58William Stricklin9/12/2011
57Luke Richardson9/11/2011
56Ben Busch6/8/2011
55Cooper Rehn3/24/2011
54Pablo Gozalez3/23/2011
53Samuel Huang11/17/2010
52Andrew Austin8/4/2010
51Karl White6/30/2010
50Caleb Burdette6/29/2010
49Kevin Champ2/1/2010
48James Sutton12/8/2009
47Tyler Hemenway11/17/2009
46Brien Bell11/17/2009
45Cameron Keith5/5/2009
44Ryan Champ3/3/2009
43Trey Stricklin1/21/2009
42Mike Flanagan12/10/2008
41Alex Craig12/10/2008
40Justin Nieuwesteeg10/1/2008
39Austin Tomanek6/16/2008
38L.C. Austin5/19/2008
37Jace Lington12/19/2007
36Cory Simon12/10/2007
35Ethan Lington11/14/2007
34Tyler Estes7/5/2007
33Justin Aguilar5/3/2007
32Stephen Farmer12/21/2006
31Patrick Stone5/23/2006
30Matthew Hemenway5/17/2006
29Christopher Courtney8/18/2005
28Travis Nieuwesteeg7/28/2005
27Ryan Payne7/5/2005
26Chris Despain12/23/2004
25Mike Do8/30/2004
24Howard Rowley3/28/2004
23Ben Farmer10/29/2003
22Joe White9/11/2003
21Kirk Beachum7/15/2003
20Nick Whitehurst3/20/2003
19Jared Carlton1/20/2003
18Daniel Hester11/21/2002
17Jesse Thompson7/11/2002
16Collin Koonce7/11/2002
15Nathan Brown1/14/2002
14Daniel Darlington6/14/2001
13Robert Hendricks6/1/2001
12Stone Sampson6/1/2001
11Scott Sabelhaus5/30/2001
10Scott Moore5/30/2001
9Clint Cechan3/3/1999
8Chris Cechan3/3/1999
7Rhett Carter3/1/1999
6Andrew Moore3/1/1999
5Bryan Wendell3/1/1999
4Hank Yang7/30/1998
3Erik Peterson5/16/1997
2Chris Adams5/13/1996
1Greg Niekerk10/22/1995