Summer Camp Survey

Summer Camp is a very important part of your Scouts journey. This is where they can learn independence, and leadership, and is just as important for the new Scouts as it is for older Scouts. This is where they can knock out rank advancements, merit badges as well as learn new skills like rock climbing, canoeing, swimming, horseback riding, shooting sports, and fishing, as well as well as learning decision making and responsibility. This is also the place where they will meet new friends and solidify friendships that they already have in the Troop. I have personally seen more changes come from Scouts that went to Summer Camp than anything else they do all year.

We are polling to see the interest in a regular Summer Camp this year and where everyone would like to go. Even if you do not want to send your scout to Summer Camp please fill out the survey. We are also looking for parents that would be willing to help out with the Summer Camp and the planning.

Please fill out the Survey Monkey by following the link below.