The rules of the Egg Drop are as follows: 

• The egg must be raw (this will be verified after the drop).

• Packaging can be no bigger than 6” x 6” x 6”.

• No parachutes, or other descent slowing devices, are allowed.

• Nothing can be adhered to the egg shell (wrapped around, yes, but not physically attached with tape or glue).

• No peanut butter is allowed, as some Scouts have a severe an allergy to it.

• The egg should be placed in the packaging ON THE DAY of the drop, unless the entire package is placed in the refrigerator (we do not want spoiled eggs potentially breaking).

• Scout must listen to the Adult Leadership instructions, and not run out to retrieve their package until instructed to do so.

• Following the drop, Adult Leadership will open the package (carefully) for inspection.

• All eggs and their container must be thrown away at the end of the station rotation, due to potential contamination of the package by a broken egg.  Please do send the egg in a package that you are not willing to part with.