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Posted by tmcsimov on Jan 18 2020 - 10:37pm

Scouting for Food

Posted by tmcsimov on Jan 18 2020 - 10:37pm


Scouting for Food

Saturday, February 8th, the Troop will be collecting food for the annual “Scouting for Food” food drive.  This is a critically important food drive for our community.  One of the local food pantries on the east side of Plano gets 40% of its annual donations from this food drive.  Some of our fellow citizens depend upon this food pantry to put food on their table.  This is a great opportunity to earn much needed service hours while giving back to the community.  I hope to see many of you there.  Contact Cassia Sasaya if you have any questions at cassiots@yahoo.com if you have any questions.

When:  February 8th, 10:00am-11:30am

Where: Meet at Aviary Park in Murphy, 1003 Mustang Ridge 

2020 Feb - Caprock Canyons Campout

Posted by tmcsimov on Jan 18 2020 - 10:36pm


2020 February Campout in Caprock Canyons - February 14th - 16th

This campout gives the Scouts opportunities to do some activities that most do not commonly get to do because of the expertise of two of our leaders.  Barry McNeal will be doing Geocaching with the Scouts.  Scouts who have a GPS should bring one.  A phone may work for some of the activities.  Some of the requirements for Geocaching Merit Badge should be satisfied on this campout.

Chris Martin will be doing Mountain Biking with the Scouts.  We need as many mountain bikes and dads with bike racks as possible.  Mr. Martin is an experienced mountain biker that will be teaching the Scouts the skills to be as safe as possible on a mountain bike.  Scouts should bring appropriate clothing and bike helmets.

For those who are not interested in either of those activities, there will likely be an opportunity to hike in the beautiful red rock country of Caprock Canyons.

Register here now to ensure you get a 2020 Winter Camp Shirt

Campout flyer here, and attached below.

2020 Winter Camp

Posted by tmcsimov on Jan 18 2020 - 10:35pm


2020 Winter Camp - January 17th - 20th

Troop 1776 has a proud tradition of offering high quality merit badge classes and counseling at its annual Winter Camp.  This year we will offer 20 merit badges again—several of which have not been offered before.  This campout is over a three day weekend.  We do 4 merit badge classes with five options on Saturday and Sunday.  Scouts sleep in heated cabins and adults do the cooking.  Scouts may bring video games/tvs for this campout as well as cards/boardgames for their free time.

Campout flyer here, and attached below.

2020 Seabase

Posted by cstewart on Dec 24 2019 - 12:28am


When: June 2020
Where: Bahamas

How to Register

Initial registration has completed, register here to get on waiting list (note you must have graduated 8th grade in 2020 to attend.)

$200.00 deposit required at time of registration.  

Additional Details

Seabase 2020 details coming soon, see Mr. Wille's email below:

As most of you know, high adventure planning is an 18 month process.  It starts with winning a slot for a crew from a high adventure base.  Thanks to Dr. White, our former Scoutmaster, we have procured slots for two crews for Seabase Bahamas for June, 2020.  We will have a signup on the website soon.  We need to decide in the next 30 days whether we are going to keep both crews or keep only one crew.  At the end of 30 days, we need to pay a substantial deposit.  Thus, to sign up, you will need to pay a $200 deposit which you will get back only if someone takes your place on the trip.  Seabase trips have a fee per crew, not per person.  Therefore, if you sign up, you will be obligated for your share of the crew fee.  If you cancel and no one is available to take your place, you will not have to pay airfare or any expense we do not have to pay.  But you will have to pay your share of the crew fee. (somewhere around $1000).  Note that if we get interest for 1.5 crews, we’ll probably sign up for both slots and try to recruit some people from other units. 

Seabase Bahamas is a fabulous trip.  You spend a week living on a sailboat.  You sleep on deck and you cook in the boat’s kitchen.  The boats are owned by the captain of the boat.  You learn how to sail the boat.  You snorkel, swim, fish, and tour small towns in the Sea of Abacos.  The beaches are some of the most beautiful you will ever see—white sand with the consistency of flour and virtually no junk on the beach.  The beauty of the Sea of Abacos (which has water so clear you can see the bottom in most places even 20-30 feet down) is that because it is a Sea, there is no ocean swell to make people seasick.  The water is much more calm than the open ocean.

For those in 9th grade or older that went to Northern Tier and are going to Philmont this Summer, this Seabase trip is your chance to complete the BSA High Adventure Triple Crown.  Our Troop has a lot of Scouts earn the Triple Crown—one of the rarest things to earn in Scouting.

Seabase is only a 7 day trip so it is easier on the adult vacation budget.  It is not easier on the financial budget.  Mainly because of the cost of air travel to the Bahamas, this trip is as expensive as Northern Tier.  I believe that last time we went the cost was around $1800.

Remember that Summer camp in 2020 is in Alaska.  There will likely be a high adventure activity for older Scouts in Alaska as well.  Alaska is going to be expensive as well due to the travel costs for Alaska.  Some may be making a choice between the two.  That choice is up to each person but take into account that we have two fabulous destinations for next Summer when deciding whether to sign up for Seabase.


Congratulations on our newest Eagle scouts, John S and Julian D

Posted by cstewart on Nov 25 2019 - 9:40pm

Congratulations to our newest Eagle scouts, John S, and Julian D!

John painted a 20' x 15' map of the united states for Stinson Elementary!

Julian constructed Mobile book carts for the Readers to Leaders program!

Congratulations to you both on this worthy accomplishment.

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